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Short Hip Stem Prostheses
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The Short Hip Stem

The short hip stem represents a new and modern generation of implants for endoprosthetic treatment of the hip joint on the stem side.
It builds on the good experience of standard straight hip stems and takes it a step further. In this case, the following advantages are incorporated into the concept of the system and they are reflected in the basic idea, the design of the prosthesis as well as in the surgical procedure.

The short hip stem type of prosthesis has gained ever more significance in the last few years, which is reflected by the number of patients treated. Especially with regard to possible revision surgery in the future, this allows for an additional level of treatment, because the surgical procedure spares and preserves bone substance. In principle, during the surgical procedure the femoral neck is severed at a higher position and the femoral head is removed thereby preserving more bone.

Straight stem
Straight stem

In direct comparison with known straight stems, the design of the prosthesis differs purely physically by a shorter and smaller basic design.