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Short Hip Stem Prostheses


The following activities are especially beneficial for anyone who has an endoprosthesis:
  • Regular swimming 
  • Regular walks on well-established paths 
  • Involvement in sports with easy physical movements like dancing, cross-country skiing, golf, low-impact exercise, etc. 
  • Wearing shoes with shoelaces and that have soft, elastic soles 
  • Tying your shoes properly
  • Lying on your back, on the side with only a pillow between the legs (during the first 12 weeks after surgery)
What you should avoid
During the first 12 weeks after surgery avoid extreme stress and strain on the hips such as:
  • Types of sports with jerky impacts and heavy stress and stain on the hip joint (e.g., tennis, alpine skiing, jogging, sports involving jumping) 
     Hard physical activity
  • Lifting heavy loads 
  • Work that involves frequently unfavorable body posture or wet and moist conditions 
  • Gaining weight since this could lead to premature loosening of the hip joint 
  • Sitting on low chairs or in deep armchairs because this subjects the hip joint to excessive flexion

Your treating physician will give you any further recommendations.

Follow-up examinations
Regular appointments for follow-up examinations are absolutely necessary to evaluate how the implant is growing into the bone as well as to assess the overall situation. In this case, the implant ID card is useful to the clinic during follow-up visits and provides information about the implanted prosthetic components.