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Short Hip Stem Prostheses
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Immediately After Surgery

Already a day or two after surgery, you’ll be able to put weight on the joint under the supervision of medical personnel. You’ll be able to make your first attempts to walk using a walker. Little by little additional therapeutic measures will be incorporated and you will learn how to walk again, climb stairs and sit correctly.

After about 10 days, the hospital will discharge you to a rehabilitation facility that specializes in the treatment of artificial joint replacements. The goal is gradually being able to bear full weight on the artificial joint and preparing you for normal activities and habitual pursuits in your daily routine with an artificial joint.

In this regard, a differentiation can be made between the following facilities depending upon intensity and type of stay.

Learning to live an artificial hip joint in specially equipped facilities and under the supervision of qualified specialists. In addition to movement exercises, therapeutic measures include the use of aids like joint motion devices or water therapy. The advantage is around-the-clock care by nurses and caregivers.

Day care
The patient participates in all the same therapeutic measures as with an inpatient stay, with the difference that he or she leaves the rehabilitation facility in the evening and sleeps at home. The proximity of one’s residence to the facility is advantageous in this case, for example, so that long trips can be avoided. 

Rehabilitation takes place predominantly at home under the care of qualified specialists and local orthopedists, for example. In this case, patient may also take part in therapeutic measures, but too an reduced degree and also not necessarily at rehabilitation facilities.

Implant ID card
You will receive an implant ID card after your surgery, which you should take with you when traveling by air, because your new hip joint will activate metal detectors. It will identify you as having a medical implant.

Moreover, it also serves as the documentation basis for the implanted joint component, because the implant sticker containing the article and batch numbers is included on the ID card. Please keep the ID card in a safe place.