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Short Hip Stem Prostheses
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The effects of the following disease patterns are evident on a day-to-day basis in movements that can only be executed with pain. At the same time, a reduction in the range of motion is observed. Many times there is also pain at night, so-called resting pain, which limits one’s life.

The most well-known and most frequent disease of the hip joint is coxarthrosis, or arthritis of the hip joint. It is characterized by the degenerative decomposition of the femoral head covered with layer of cartilage. Due to high stress and strain, the volume of the layer of cartilage diminishes over decades until a certain level is reached that makes joint contact almost impossible.

Femoral Head Necrosis
Femoral head necrosis is defined by a change in the metabolic situation that results in necrosis from reduced blood circulation to a portion of bony femoral head. The cause of this process can be a past accident that affected the hip joint or the heavy consumption of alcohol. But even hereditary bone deformities (dysplasia) are an indication for a hip joint endoprosthesis.

Finally, osteoporosis must be mentioned, a typical age-related disease defined by the rapid thinning of bone substance. It can also be a contributing factor for the implantation of an endoprosthesis due to an accident and an associated femoral neck fracture.