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Short Hip Stem Prostheses
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The Surgery and Rehabilitation

A long process precedes the decision to have an endoprosthetic joint replacement and most of the time a wide spectrum of conservative treatment methods has been exhausted:
  • Taking painkillers and anti-inflammatory medications
  • Undergoing physical therapy using fitness pools and strength training 
  • Injections into the joint 
  • Strengthening muscles through targeted fitness training

If all of the above items have not contributed to alleviating the pain, the patient must make a decision whether to have surgery and if so what hospital and surgeon to use.

Most of the time, this point is reached if pain affects the daily routine of the patient so much that the zest for life has been severely reduced and pain at night can no longer be treated with medication. 

After the patient makes a decision, certain decisions need to be made by the hospital such as:
  • Setting a date for surgery 
  • Clarifying the procedure to the patient 
  • Taking x-rays 
  • Selecting and presenting the types of prostheses that are appropriate for the patient 
  • Planning and determining the size from the x-ray image