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Short Hip Stem Prostheses

Welcome to the information pages for patients
of short hip stem prostheses

These Internet pages contain a detailed overview of surgical hip joint replacement using a short hip stem, which nowadays is increasingly the implant of choice for young active patients.

Roughly 200,000 people a year in just Germany alone are gaining a new zest for life as a result of an artificial hip joint.

The goal of modern implants, including the short hip stem, is getting the patient back to their daily routine or work life quickly and above all in a pain-free manner. In this case, preserving bone through muscle-sparing surgical techniques is the current standard, and this can be realized in practice by a shorter and smaller type of implant.

There are many questions associated with replacing a hip joint, and, as a potential patient or interested party, you are surely seeking answers to questions on this subject:

  • Why is artificial joint replacement necessary? Answer
  • What happens during surgery? Answer
  • How is bone-preserving surgery even possible? Answer
  • What possibilities exist for adapting the implant to the individual anatomical situation of each person? Answer
  • How can important muscular structures and soft tissue be spared? Answer
  • What measures are required for a quick return to a pain-free daily routine? Answer
  • Where are the implants manufactured? Answer

Here you will find detailed answers to these questions along with numerous illustrations.